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The innovative hands-free One Touch Automatic Can Opener can open most cans between 53mm and 153mm diameter. The opener ‘walks’ around the can and switches itself off automatically, leaving an easy-to-remove lid with no sharp edges. Perfect for seniors, or anyone with weak hands. Batteries required: 2 x AA. *Batteries are not included .*

Price: $ 39.95

The One Touch Automatic Jar Opener will open stubborn lids at the touch of a button. No twisting, no pulling, no pain, the jar opener is ideal for people with weak or infirm hands. Simply fit over the lid and let the One Touch do the hard work. Suitable even for new, factory sealed jars. Batteries required: 2 x AA. *Batteries are not included .*

Price: $ 49.95

The One Touch Twizoff Automatic Bottle Opener is suitable for either metal or plastic screw-top bottle caps up to 55mm in diameter. Its rubber jaws adjust automatically to the lid size and will break seals and open caps with a smooth, effortless motion. Easy to use, store and clean, the One Touch Bottle Opener is perfect for people with weak or infirm hands. Batteries required: 2 x AA. *Batteries are not included .*

Price: $ 39.95

The effortless pour action of the Uccello Kettle was designed using the unique powerpour technology. Its non-weight-bearing 'tilt and pour' action from the ergonomic handle directs hot water to the fixed position of the cup, without removing the kettle from its cradle. The weighted base arcs on a rotating axis to deliver hot water safely and easily.

Price: $ 99.00

The One Touch Frother is like a mobile cafe. Its comfortable grip and ergonomic handle mean making your cappuccino’s , mocha's and latte’s has never been simpler, and its detachable mechanism makes for the easiest possible cleaning. Batteries required: 2 x AA. *Batteries are not included .*

Price: $ 11.99

The One Touch PowerBlade Peeler makes for effortless peeling of fruit and vegetables. It features serrated and julienne blades for multi-purpose cuts, a long, slim-grip handle for easy manipulation, and an integrated potato-eye remover for extra utility. The PowerBlade is ideal for people with handicapped hand movements, and its stylish design make it an attratctive addition to anyone’s food preparation toolset. Batteries required: 1 x AA. *Batteries are not included .*

Price: $ 24.95

The One Touch Salad Dressing Maker comes complete with flask, auto-mixer, and a free dressing recipe. Included with the flask is a stopper to retain freshness in storage, and a removable bottom for easy of cleaning. Requires 2 x AA batteries . *Batteries not included .*

Price: $ 17.99

This streamlined two-in-one design is perfect for seniors or anyone with weakness in the hands, grinding your salt or pepper at the touch of a button. It features see-through chambers that let you know when to refill, and looks great on any dining table. Batteries required: 4 x AAA. *Batteries are not included .*

Price: $ 39.99